Social Security Program (Insurance)


1. Ensuring Social Security and providing assistance to Samurdhi beneficiaries to get their maximum contribution in socio economic development activities at the instances where the living standards of their families are falling down.

2. Building attitudes of poor communities to make an organized change in their behavior, and ensuring their progressive movement in the development process of the country by way of making them aware on the fact that they can achieve a good life through such process.

3. Increasing the co-operate contribution of community in order to create an environment enriched with sound social security which leads the country towards development

4. Improving the nutrition level of poor community whilst improving their social economic background.

With a view to ensure a fruitful contribution from poor communities to avoid collapse in socio economic conditions of poor families, a scholarship program been launched to arm children in such families with knowledge, and financial assistance is provided under their programme.

Monthly scholarship allowance is Rs. 500/-. 20 scholarships are being awarded in each Divisional Secretary’s Division. Accordingly, 6300 scholarships are awarded in 315 Divisional Secretary’s Divisions.
Social security subscription to contribute to the insurance scheme is debited to that fund. The beneficiaries are paid in the case of
A. Child birth
B. Marriage
C. Hospitalization
D. Death

Samurdhi Insurance payment process and payment system