Nutrition Program

This program is implemented with the objective of enhancing the nutrition level of pregnant & lactating mothers of low income families. Selected mother is given a stamp worth of 200/- rupees or 500/- rupees to collect food items from co-operatives.

This Program is implemented by the Department of the Commissioner General of Samurdhi in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Nutrition. The department is responsible for divisional level implementation of the Programme & the technology assistant is given by the Ministry of Health & Nutrition.

Nutrition Allowance Programme (Rs.200/-)

This programme was implemented with the intention of enhancing the nutrition level of the mothers of the new born babies in low income families.

Accordingly, this programme was commenced in year 1992. This allowance is giving as an aid to obtain a nutritional meal to the lactating mothers in Samurdhi Benificiery families. This stamp is worth of Rs. 200/- and it is issued monthly for the period of 12 months from the date of baby birth.

Nutrition Program

According to the "Mahinda Chinthana", the Nutrition Food package programme of giving a monthly stamp of Rs.500/- to the pregnant and lactating mothers was conducted in 112 divisions at the first stage.

This programme was extended to another 48 divisions from June 2008 & to another 52 divitions from October 2009. So, now this programme is implementing in 212 divisions islandwide & under this the benificiery can obtain a "Nutrition Food package" worth of Rs.500/- for 20 months.