• To identify low income families & implement relief programs for them.
  • To implement social security programs for beneficiaries with their contribution.
  • To provide facilities for the education of children of Samurdhi recipient families.
  • To improve nutrition level of mothers of recipient families.

In "Mahinda Chinthana" under the 14th fact of Jana Sevana Program, it has mentioned to start a scholarships programme for the Children of Samurdhi Benificiery families and also proposed to increase it up to 50%. Accordingly, this educational scholarships programme was introduced as "Sipdora".

Selecting Procedure

  • For the children of Samurdhi benificiery families, who has successfully completed the G.C.E. (O/L) examination.
  • Maximum of 20 scholarships per each Division.
  • After listing all eligible students in a division according to their eligibility, the top most 20 students get selected for the scholarships.
  • While keeping the total no. of scholarships for a perticular District as a constrain, depending on the eligibility & the requirement, the no. of scholarships given for a division can be vary.

summery of "sipdora" Program: